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If you've visited my site before you may have noticed it's changed a bit. It has been renamed and I've created new banners to show this. I've also moved my blog to a new provider and the two sites tie in quite nicely together. Take a look by clicking on the link below

I haven't done much photography recently, well not aviation anyway, but I'm hoping that will change this year. I already have a couple of trips planned but it's finding the time to process the images that is difficult at the moment

Keep an eye out too for a new feature to the site which will be happening soon. I'm adding an online shop where you'll be able to buy limited edition prints of my work

For more up to date news and articles take a look at my blog:

22nd June 2012 - A US Army invasion, with 6 C-12s and 2 UC-35s. The RAF also sent in a Tristar
23rd May 2012 - An interesting day of flying boats. Two Buffalo Airways CL-215s departed for Turkey. Another Algerian Air Force IL-76 also made a visit
April 2012 - a multitude of visitors in April, mainly in conjunction with Ex Joint Warrior, included USN Hercs, a French Air Force C160 and RAF Hercs.
10th March 2012 - the only Antonov An-225 flying visited Prestwick on its way to Canada
January 2012 - movements included Ryanair and Cargolux flights as well as USAF Hercs, a C-12 of the US Army and a Casa CN-235 of the French Air Force
November & December 2011- movements included Royal Canadian Air Force CF-18As and US Army C-12s
April 2011 - movements included an Algerian Air Force IL-76 and a C-130J of the Indian Air Force
25th September 2010 - movements included a Aviavilsa An-26, a Volga-Dnepr An-124 and a CityFlyer E170
16th September 2010 - movements included 5 USAF C130s, an An12 of Aerovis and 2 RAF Hawks
9th October 2006 - as well as the usual Ryanair and Cargolux movements, there was also an Evergreen B747, an Electra of Atlantic Airlines and a KS Avia An-74 (which has subsequently been destroyed by a ground fire)

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