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If you've visited my site before you may have noticed it's changed a bit. It has been renamed and I've created new banners to show this. I've also moved my blog to a new provider and the two sites tie in quite nicely together. Take a look by clicking on the link below

I haven't done much photography recently, well not aviation anyway, but I'm hoping that will change this year. I already have a couple of trips planned but it's finding the time to process the images that is difficult at the moment

Keep an eye out too for a new feature to the site which will be happening soon. I'm adding an online shop where you'll be able to buy limited edition prints of my work

For more up to date news and articles take a look at my blog:

Radio User - An excellent magazine for those radio listeners amongst us, containing everything you could possibly want if you regularly listen to airband frequencies. Combined from Short Wave magazine and Radio Active, the magazine contains articles on things such as scanning, airband, SBS/Mode-S, HF and more. With regular reviews on equipment and tutorials on building your own antennas etc there's just not that much more it could contain


Propliner - Launched in January 1979, Propliner is a quarterly journal devoted to piston-engined and turboprop aircraft.

FighterControl.co.uk - a great forum for getting up to the minute information on Military aircraft movements around the UK
pb-photos - Want to know where to go to get great photographs at the active military bases in the UK? Then this has to be the best site for gathering all the required information. Peregrine is a cartographer and he's used all his skills to create some fantastic maps which are updated and added to regularly. There's also frequency and based unit information. He takes some great photos too
Fox2.co.uk - Forum for aviation enthusiasts, mainly those interested in taking photos of Low Level flying Military aircraft
MJAviation - Fantastic aviation images and videos from Mark Jayne. He's an expert at catching military jets at low level in Wales
Mark McGrath Photography Mark McGrath Photography - Aviation and other images
David Ellins Photography David Ellins Photography - Aviation and landscape images
G-Force Photography - Aviation images by Craig Wise, mainly of RAF aircraft; with the ocassional Airshow and overseas visit

David Townsend Images - Aviation images, mainly taken at Prestwick

Prestwick Airport Movements Prestwick Airport Movements - updated daily to provide information on all movements through Prestwick
Windsor IT Services Windsor IT Services - One to one tuition in your own home at your own pace. Independent advice on what system is best for you. Computer, peripheral and internet setup. Fault finding and correction.
Old Windsor WeatherCam Old Windsor WeatherCam - Want to see the actual weather just 3 miles from the 09R Threshold at LHR? Then take a look here for live streaming from the area

The WindCutter - When you're recording outdoors sound can be ruined by strong winds. WindCutter have various different types of windscreens available from professional fur types to stick-on ones for camcorders. I wish I'd discovered them before my last video shoot

More Albums

Lossiemouth, April 2012

Nellis AFB, March 2012

Leuchars, January 2012

Lossiemouth, October 2011

Faro, September 2011

Lossiemouth, October 2010

Dubai, March 2010

Japan and China, October 2009


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