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If you've visited my site before you may have noticed it's changed a bit. It has been renamed and I've created new banners to show this. I've also moved my blog to a new provider and the two sites tie in quite nicely together. Take a look by clicking on the link below

I haven't done much photography recently, well not aviation anyway, but I'm hoping that will change this year. I already have a couple of trips planned but it's finding the time to process the images that is difficult at the moment

Keep an eye out too for a new feature to the site which will be happening soon. I'm adding an online shop where you'll be able to buy limited edition prints of my work

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Hi, welcome to Tony Roper Photography. I've been taking photographs of aircraft from about the age of 13 when I was introduced to the world of Aviation by my Stepdad. This interest led me into Air Traffic Control which I've been part of for 24 years, initially in the RAF as an ATC Assistant. Being in the RAF gave me plenty of opportunities to develop my Aviation photography, with access to areas out of bounds to most. I left the RAF in 1998, becoming a Civillian ATC Assistant before progressing on to be an Area Controller. I've had my photos published in many magazines through the years, as well as having some of my work used in books and by corporate companies around the world.

This website is a collection of some of my favourite images

Latest Images

In October 2012 Lossiemouth hosted not only another Joint Warrior Exercise but also a Combined Qualified Weapons Instructors Course (CQWI) at the same time. This meant the base was full of fighters; the based Tornados (plus visitors from Marham), Typhoons from Coningsby, JAS39C Gripens of the Swedish Air Force, Hawks from both 100Sqn and FRADU, an E3D and Sentinal from Waddington, plus DA20 Falcons of Cobham Aviation. There was so much there infact, that there wasn't enough room for the usual USN P3s which deployed to Leuchars instead - along with German Tornados

It was a bit of a rushed visit as I'd been away for most of the exercise and only had the last two days to squeeze in. The day at Lossie was a long one, with a very early start to get there for the commencement of flying. As it was, I still missed the start but I did get there in time for the mass launch. There was a continuous stream of departures for about 30 minutes, taking me back to old days when we used to have a much larger Air Force and this was an every day occurance

The vast majority of these photos are from the mass launch. Late afternoon I headed down to Leuchars to camp down on the beach at the end of the runway there. Unfortunately, the rain ruined that part of the trip and stopped me from taking any photos the next day. I did hang around to watch all the aircraft depart home though


More Albums

Lossiemouth, April 2012

Nellis AFB, March 2012

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Dubai, March 2010

Japan and China, October 2009


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